Who We Are

AFWS-Uganda is a company limited by guarantee to support writers of both Screen and Books to achieve their artistic ambitions. African Film & Writers Society (AFWS-Uganda) is a company with a vision of uniting, supporting and sensitizing Africans on the craft of writing and other creative arts.


To live in a literate African Continent full of peoples with diverse categories of artistic talents.

Objective #1

To nurture passionate writers to develop their writing art to a professional standard from Screen Writing & Book Publication.

Objective #2

To Promote, Market and network the African Film industry to International standards.

Objective #3

To dominate in professionally in Production of quality Art work in Africa.

Objective #4

To Setup Local, Regional and International markets for our Artistic projects and activities.

Our History

African film and writers society was officially incorporated in 2013 from YOUTH AND CHRISTIAN ACTIVITIES (YCA-International) which was registered as a C.B.O (Community Based Organization)

With the Directors fore-site of a free non-religious organisation to promote and advocate for artistic ambitions, YCA-International was reviewed, dissolved and transformed into African Film and Writers Society this time with a larger perspective of promoting and advocating for all creative Arts among all peoples of Africa.

Objective #5

 To stir up the Spirit of Reading in Africa.

Objective #6

 To Bridge the gap between professional & unprofessional artists in Africa.

Objective #7

 To promote different categories of creative Arts in Africa.

Objective #8

 To sensitize people about the social-economic benefits of Arts in both developed and under developed communities of Africa.


To enable Africans, achieve their artistic ambitions through Advocating, uniting, Sensitizing and Promoting Creative Art. 

Objective #9

 To avail the necessary logistics and equipments needed by our members to exploit their artistic ambitions.

Objective #10

 To connect and network to the Global Artistic Socitey.

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