AFWS Productions

Below are the productions that have made and those that are to be made.

The Second Tree

The Second Tree (by John Butziger) is set in Uganda and New York City, taking place largely in the Rwenzori Mountains, Kasese, the Kilembe Mines, Kampala and Port Bell. It is a story about an ancient and powerful mystery, protected by Ugandan guardians, that is prematurely released on the world.

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Should Abel Kill Cain ?

The First Gay Film in Uganda. Unique in its nature, this film is produced from our very own stories of gay perceptions in our socities.

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Don't Be A Victim

Don't be a victim : Is the name of a series of short films on social SCAM in the communities of Uganda. From the long con to the quick pull we explore the methods applied by the con men of kampala  

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Up coming Projects

The rich also cry.

Don't Be A Victim.

Kyalo Matendo.

When A Woman Loves A Man.

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