Should Abbey Kill Cain?

Should Abbey Kill Cain? - Synopsis

Abbey a Celebrated Businessman and a heir to late Adam's Properties generously picked Enoch from the streets of Kampala and Introduced him to his blood brother Cain whom (Enoch) later both shared a same sexual orientation. Lamech a family friend and a Christian couldn't tolerate it and decides to take it to the Local Community for Judgment after realizing that Adam's remnants couldn't stop what he thinks is a reproach and a blasphemy.

Should Abbey Kill Cain?

Crew Members

Executive Producers

(1) AFWS Uganda
(2) Josephine Zalwango
(3) Abraham Hirya
(4) Kalyango Driez Alexandere
(5) Mutesasila Maicheal 

Co - Producer

Kalyango Driez Alexander
Mutesasila Micheal Kikaawa


Kyaka Wilson Kaggwa

Assistant Director

Hirya Abraham

Make-up Director

Sonko Promise

Costumes Designer

Shubie Kayongo

Locations Manager

Josephine Zalwango

Should Abbey Kill Cain?

This project was later enteraptend by the existing hostility angainst the LGBT society of Uganda and the promotion of such hence suspending the production of the project.the official trailer is available.

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