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Organizing conferences, seminars, forums, Workshops, Exhibitions and Expositions, Retreats and other related events for Writers, Film Makers, Crafts.



Organizing Regional and National Music, Film, arts and Cultural festivals, sensitization Programs, Galas, Film Screening, Music Shows and Theater activities.



Operating Book shops, Libraries, I.T services, Tour and travel, Amusement Parks, Film Production sites /Units, arts and Crafts centres and shops across African states.


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Artistic activities through wholesale, Retailing, Renting, hiring and buying copyrights of writers, film-makers and artists of various categories.

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THREE AFWS Corporate Dates

AFWS will select three lucky couples for corporate lunch or dinner


AFWS Corporate Outing

6th February 2016

AFWS Members took it to a luxurious hotel for a come together party and after to Club ambience

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What We Are About

  • "Who We Are"

    We are a non-Government institution that supports writers of both Screen and Books to achieve their artistic ambitions. African Film & Writers Society (AFWS-Uganda) is an institute with a vision of uniting, supporting and sensitizing Africans on the craft of writing and other creative arts.

  • "Our Mission"

    Since 2007 ideas have been put in place to avail African Writers, Film-makers and Artists wit eh the opportunity to publish their work.

  • "Our Vision"

    Uniting and equipping African Book Writers and Film Makers with techniques and resources necessary to achieve their artistic ambitions. We work with local as well as international talent to help develop and achieve their artsic ambtions, on the worldwide stage. We as an organization are proud to be show casing this talent as it improves and evolves our local talent as well as the quality of our works.

  • "The Way Forward"

    We are looking forward to producing great works by writers who are uniquely talented. Also we are scouting for more writers, producers and playwrites to groom, grow and partner with to bring about exposure to our work.

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